Rate An Elvis - 2002
Ronnie & DJ Ivan Rate the Elvi of Las Vegas

After seeing 4 Elvis "evokers" during our brief stay in Vegas, DJ Ivan and myself set up camp in the Westward Ho Margarita bar to discuss the pros and cons of the Elvi (plural?) that we had seen. We rated them on voice, mannerisms and overall presentation. Basically, was the Elvis in question believable? Or was he simply a cartoon charicature of the KING?

With the KING in mind, we used a rating system of 5 TCB's (Taking Care of Business), with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

Comments by Ronnie
Comments by DJ Ivan

Justin Shandor
at Elvis A Rama
Ronnie rates:

DJ Ivan rates:
Simply amazing! Justin has the voice, the look AND the mannerisms. Plus, in my opinion, it is harder to do a younger Elvis, simply because you can’t rely on the jumpsuit, sideburns and dark glasses of the ‘70s Elvis. Bonus points for doing a lesser-known Elvis song, “You’re So Square (And I Don’t Care)”. Little things go a long way when it comes to impersonating Elvis. Justin has all the little Elvis mannerisms down and has a great voice to boot. He is the rare Elvis impersonator whose respect for whom is being impersonated exceeds unintentional parody. All others Elvis impersonators pale by comparison.

Sonny Boline
at Elvis A Rama
Ronnie rates:

DJ Ivan rates:
A pretty average, yet totally enjoyable ‘70s-version Elvis. Has a good voice and pretty much had all the moves down. And, Sonny was the only Elvis who gave out scarves to the audience, which I think is a big part of the Elvis onstage persona of the ‘70s. A solid Elvis impersonator focusing on the 1970's Elvis period. Not spectacular, but well worth the cost of admission. Wouldn't get laughed off the stage at the annual Elvis impersonator contest.

Tim Welch
at New Frontier
Ronnie rates:

DJ Ivan rates:
Ahh, the “sexy” Elvis! Tim had the best interaction with the crowd, really working the room. It was hilarious to see him pick an older lady out of the audience and use her for his “sexual” overtones. Tim is cocky onstage and I think that he captures Elvis’ cocky stage demeanor of 1968-70. Same era Elvis as the previously mentioned Elvis. However, this Elvis worked the crowd slightly better. Great sense of humor too.

Michael Kennedy
at Westward Ho
Ronnie rates:

DJ Ivan rates:
Michael’s version of Elvis had a VERY high cheese-factor. His voice didn’t quite have the range of the other Elvi’s that we saw. Although he had the coolest ‘70s-era Elvis costume, his moves were stiff. Gotta give him some credit for enthusiasm, though. Simply put this guy sucks; lousy voice combined with pathetic attempts to move like Elvis equal a terrible attempt at impersonation that even several percodans couldn't save. People hate Elvis impersonators because of performances like his. Where is Dr. Nick when you need him?

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